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Since 2004, the company has produced a line of harvesting equipment that has established its niche in the local and world markets. The facility in Sungai Buloh, Malaysia, which manufacturers the full range of Kingoya products employs over 30 staff.

Kingoya’s wholly-Malaysian innovations are also internationally-patented. The harvesting equipments are manufactured under strict quality control standards at the facility. Quality raw material and accessories are sourced for manufacturing. We consider the use of high quality parts a necessity to produce quality products.


Product BenefitsIncreased productivity

  • Increased productivity

    • Mechanization and improved harvesting techniques increase worker’s productivity:

      • Stability of equipment enables harvester to move rapidly

      • Harvesting equipment can positioned with accuracy, ease and speed

      • Shape and design of harvesting equipment gives good access to the base of the palm oil bunch

  • Good visibility of the cutting target area

    • Improved efficiency

      Minimizing down time at plantations reduces cost and increases profitability

  • Outstanding safety features


Kingoya products are classified into two categories – harvesting equipment and accessories.



Malaysia Head Quarter Office:

43, Jalan Bulan U5/3, Seksyen U5,        
Bandar Pinggiran Subang 2,        
40150 Shah Alam,        
Selangor Darul Ehsan,        

Tel: +603 78450187 / 78450319        
Fax: +603 78450627        

Website: www.kingoya.com


Indonesia Office:

Jl. Nangka Ujung / Tuanku Tambusai Blok G-802/804, Komp. Pergudangan Nangka        
Pekanbaru - Riau        
Telp. (0761) 864233, 864243        
Fax. (0761) 864162        
Email: Marketing@mykingindo.com        

Kantor Perwakilan
Jl. Pancing Komplek MMTC Blok. F-22        
Medan - Sumatera Utara        
Telp.(061) 7342970 , 76291717        
Fax. (061) 7342675        
Email: Marketingmdn@mykingindo.com  

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